The residence of Vauban

La demeure du Maréchal de Vauban

Probably the man who made the more lasting impression on the French landscape

Indeed, many areas, many cities have a fort, a place, a rampart or a prospect built or arranged by this famous French (that is the case of almost three hundred fortified towns and military works disseminated in our country).

Remember that the 15th century is a transition period in the field of fortification:

  • The power of the kings in particular Henri 4th and Louis 13th, is strengthened, and fortification is not any more the business of the lords defending their goods and their castles, but becomes the monopoly of monarchy.
  • A technical revolution within the armament, and especially the cannon, which results made the traditional works (stronghold) unable to resist against the new weapons. (Machiavel said in 1523: “The feudal castle is now useless.”).